Let's Rely on Data

When I talk to people who know the most about statistics, I'm humbled by the notion that there are all kinds of ways to use data to make a case for the support for any number of positions. It's why it's essential that we be as smart as possible when it comes to the facts that we share.

I believe that data can be a powerful tool. Data in the hands of really smart and talented people is a gift. When those smart and talented people offer their sense of things to the world -- maybe it's through an article or a speech or a research project -- it's wonderful when other smart and talented people in that same field offer pushback. I put a lot of value in letting a particular field's experts volley back and forth as they come to a determination of what seems to be true.

Experts are trained to understand an issue, a problem, a situation, or a diagnosis in such a way that almost everyone else could never be able to understand. Experts have peers -- other experts who know the issue, problem, situation, or diagnosis just as well as them. Experts collect data and think really, really hard and push back at each other over a long period of time. They "argue" about it and study these arguments in really healthy ways.

I trust experts because experts are the ones who have cured diseases, have brought about a decrease in air and water pollution, have figured out some incredibly important economic understandings that have made this country as strong as it has been for decades now, have determined how electricity and sewage and transportation needs are met, and have put planes in the air and rocket ships into orbit and submarines deep into the oceans.

Data is important and it is among the foundational pieces that has always made the United States so freaking fantastic. I hope that we can be people who, when we find ourselves disagreeing on an issue, can be humble and let the data help to determine the best direction. The experts are glad to use the data to help us learn. Join me in trusting what the experts have to say about how the great state of New Hampshire can be better next year than it is now!

Let's Be Open to Learning

Let's Build Consensus

Let's Rely On Data

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